Operation Manual  
BlueEyes Livebox/Livebox PRO Live Streaming Box  
Thank you for using the product of BlueEyes Technology.  
The manual will introduce the product of BlueEyes Technology. Please read the manual  
before you start using the product.  
Though the information in the manual has been verified before publish, the actual  
specification should be based on the actual shipment. BlueEyes Technology doesn’t  
have to guarantee, proclaim or declare for the content, along with other purpose. In  
addition, the product specification and information that mentioned in the manual is for  
reference only. The content might be update at any time without notice. If there is any  
mistake of the information, including software, firmware, and hardware that mentioned  
in the manual BlueEyes Technology has no responsibility for the mistake.  
Please reach BlueEyes website to get the upgrade of the product specification, our  
company will not notice you. If you want to get the latest product information, operation  
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BlueEyes Technology  
BlueEyes Technology  
. Introduction  
.1 Notice before you read  
The manual can help you understand the function and operation methods of Livebox  
The company suggested you that if you store all written records of important  
information, in some cases, it may cause data loss and change in the electrical  
storage. Therefore the company is not responsible for the data loss that is caused  
by improper use, maintenance, defects, expire or any other reason.  
The company is not responsible for the economy loss that is caused by the third party  
or other function, such as the DIY firmware, the information loss or change.  
The pictures of operation manual may be different from the actual product, this is  
because of the software version changes.  
If there are changes of the information in the manual, we would not notice you. Please  
go to the official website of BlueEyes Technology.  
The company would not be responsible for the information downloaded from the  
.2 Intellectual Property Right  
According to the Intellectual Property Rights, the copy, changes, or usage of copyrighted  
pictures and music are only for personal or private use. If the user does not have a wider  
range of copyright or not explicit consent of the copyright owner and unauthorized  
copying, change or use the copies of this way to change or make or amendment, then it  
would be viewed as violating copyright laws. The copyright owner is entitled to claim for  
loss. For this reason, do not illegally use copyrighted materials.  
.3 Notices before use  
To make sure the accessories can use properly, understand the notices below ★  
Please read the instructions, the company would not be responsible for the product  
misuse problems caused by human.  
To avoid fire, electric shock or damage, please do not wet the machine by rain or  
water drops. Do not put the vase on the machine.  
To make sure good ventilation, do not put the machine on the bookshelf, or in the  
BlueEyes Technology  
built-in cabinets or other confined space. Keep curtains or any other object away  
from the ventilation holes to avoid overheating and cause electric shock or fire.  
Do not put the lighted candle or fire on the machine.  
Do not open the machine to avoid electric shock. Only the maintenance staff who  
was trained by the company and certificate qualified can open it.  
Do not hot plugging the HDMI socket. It will shorten the life of the machine and  
display of HDMI socket.  
Please put the machine on the flat surface, and keep it far away from the direct  
sunshine; also, prevent from high heat, humidity and frequent vibrate, or it may cause  
the damage of body and internal parts, then shorten the life of the machine.  
The place should be far away from the heat source, such as heating, heat regulator,  
oven or other heating products.  
Use the product in the dry and ventilated surrounding to avoid from breaking down.  
To avoid distortion and abnormal sound, do not put heavy things on the machine.  
When placing the machine, please maintain a minimum distance of 15 cm from the  
Electrical source  
Please do not use the too high voltage or the machine may cause fire. You should  
correctly connect the AC power cord, and make sure the power cables are not  
damaged. Do not pull, bend the power cord or place heavy objects on the power cord  
The power could not be over loaded on the socket. You should be careful about the  
extended line and integrated socket. These may be the reasons that cause fire.  
Please do not clamp the AC between the machine, wall and bookshelf.  
To prevent damage caused by lightning, you should unplug the power when not using  
the machine.  
Before cleaning the machine, unplug the power cord.  
Use the slightly damp, soft cloth, and do not use the liquid detergent and spray  
cleaners. For stubborn stains, clean with a soft cloth moistened with water, wring  
clean, and then wipe the machine with a soft, dry cloth.  
Do not use any solvents, such as thinner and gasoline solvents, as these solvents  
can damage the machine’s surface.  
Moisture proof  
BlueEyes Technology  
When using this machine, you should try to avoid damp places, such as in a wet  
In the following situations may cause condensation:  
When you suddenly move the machine from the freezing place to a warm place.  
When you are in the room that just turned on the heating, or the place the air  
conditioner and heating would directly sweep through.  
In the hot summer, you move the machine from an air conditioned room to a hot  
and damp place.  
The moisture condensation would damage the machine. Imagine that on a hot day  
you pour cold drink in the glass, the outer surface of the glass will appear drops.  
Similarly, condensation will appear on the cover ,the cover is the most sensitive part  
of the machine.  
If it appears the condensation, plug the power cord into an electrical outlet, and use  
the remote control to turn the switch on, make it operate two to three hours. In this  
case, the condensation would evaporate when heating.  
About the manual  
Please read the instructions carefully before use, our company is not responsible for  
the artificial problems caused by incorrect use of the product.  
Read and keep instructions properly. Operate according to instructions in the  
operation manual.  
The pictures on the manual may be different from the pictures on the screen. This is  
because the software version is different.  
Do not attempt to repair the machine by yourself.  
If not repaired, disassembled or assembled by the professional staff, it may cause  
electric shock or damage of the machine.  
When the machine has some abnormal phenomenon, this means that the machine  
needs to be repaired.  
If it needs to change parts, make sure the part has the same features as the original  
one. If not, it may cause fire, electric shock, or other damage.  
If it has the malfunction below or other malfunction not written, please plug the power  
plug, and connect to the agent or the company service center.  
Output audio/video is not normal, the light doesn’t shine, emit smoke.  
The power cord or plug is damaged  
Liquid spilled into the machine or something enters in the body  
After the machine get wet because of the rain or water  
The machine fall from high place or other reasons to cause damage.  
BlueEyes Technology