STB Player Box  
Operation manual  
Operation manual  
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. About STB Player Box  
.1 Introduction  
In the past, education institutes found out that after building the recording system, they  
have to spend more money on new computers for the students to make up for the class. The  
computers are even more expensive than the recording system. Some may use the old  
computers to play the video, but the old computer is poor at playing the HD videos as they  
may lag or the audio and video would not synchronized. The students would be very  
uncomfortable when watching the videos. More computers means that they need engineers  
to do the maintenance, so the cost is a burden for the education institute and it is not easy to  
BlueEyes Technology knows that the education institutes all want the professional player  
box that is cheap, easy to use and don’t need people to manage. We spent few months  
researching and developing the STB player box for video room. It only cost a small amount of  
money for each seat and to build a perfect video room. You don’t need to converse or export  
the videos from the SES recording system; you can play the videos immediately after the  
class is over. What is better is that if the education institute have the DVD recording system,  
you don’t need to spend more money to change the monitor. Replace the DVD player with the  
STB player box, so you can play the video with the original monitor.  
.2 Features  
Spend the most cost-effective price to build the video room.  
It is designed for the students to make up for the class and protect the videos  
from copying.  
It has more functions than the PC such as timeline and zoom.  
HDMI pure digital signal, the picture is clear and sharp.  
Start up within seconds, the students don’t need to wait for making up classes.  
Remote control, everyone can use it without teaching.  
Brand new wireless and wire control, it won’t be disturbed when many people  
are watching.  
It won’t have virus infection so there is no need to spend more money on  
operating system.  
Easy to use and durable, it can be managed without computer staff.  
More features and instruction for STB, please check the official website of BlueEyes  
BlueEyes Technology