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Operation Manual  
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Operation manual  
BlueEyes iCam Full HD Camera  
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BlueEyes Technology  
. Outline  
.1 Instruction  
Most of the recording systems use traditional security camera, so the quality was very bad.  
The students have to look closely to see the words on the blackboard. This kind of camera is  
not suitable for education institute environment.  
BlueEyes Technology develops the Full HD Camera especially for the education institute  
environment, and registrated the trademark as iCam®. Now we have the third generation  
iCam. It not only reserves the high quality of shooting, but also upgrades the sound receiver. In  
order to enhance the characters on the whiteboards, digital boards, and projectors, iCam can  
detect the external environment automatically and make the characters clearer. Watching the  
iCam videos is like watching Blu-ray movies in the movie theaters.  
.2 Features  
The only camera designed for educational facilities full HD camera for lecture  
Full HD 1080P. The quality is 24 times better than the traditional camera  
Designed for whiteboards, digital boards, projectors, and touch-panel TV,  
enhance sharpness of images.  
Recording indicator makes teachers easy to see if the recording is on.  
Full-time audio and video synchronization  
TAMRON mega-pixel compatible varifocal lenses  
SONY Exmor Back-illuminated sensor  
Texas Instruments DaVinci video processor (DSP)  
LED indicator  
Built-in microphone  
Built-in privacy masking feature  
Embedded watermark/ QR Code copyright protection  
Made in Taiwan  
Industrial grade. It can be operated for 24 hours without overheating.  
Note: iCam is not normal network camera. It is Full HD camera designed for education institutes.  
More information and features, please check official website of BlueEyes Technology:  
BlueEyes Technology  
.3 Composition  
BlueEyes Technology  
. Safety and precautions  
Please do not leave or install the device in damp, direct sunlight, hot or confined  
Do not put anything that would fall into the machine on top of the machine.  
Do not place the machine on an unstable place. It may fall down, resulting in an  
Please use this machine in a place with good ventilation. Do not block the heat  
dissipation vents. Poor heat dissipation can lead to a rise internal temperatures  
and cause malfunctions  
Use dry rag to clean the machine. Do not use solvent.  
We will not be liable for any damage caused by the use of third party power  
supplies in this machine  
Never plug the machine into a power socket that is shared with other equipment  
extension load/cord, 2- or 3-way adapter, etc.). This may result in fire or  
electrical shock or fire.  
Please do not disassemble, re-design or maintain the device by yourself.  
The processors and accessories all pass the safety test of CE and FCC.  
Please plug the cables of iCam when thundering to avoid lightning strikes. Lightning  
strike is natural disaster so it is not in our warranty.  
BlueEyes Technology  
. Device Description  
.1 Back Panel  
- Back penal --  
Back panel descriptions:  
DC12V power input.  
Attach the provided RJ-45 cable and the port is auto-sensing and supports negotiations  
at 10/100 speeds.  
Connect to video equipment, such as a monitor or projector.  
Connect to an audio input source.  
Do not test or connect the interface not commonly used. It may cause instability of  
the system.  
BlueEyes Technology